A digitally-enabled behaviour change solution to improve quality of life and clinical outcomes for patients, undergoing treatment for cancer and surgery.

Our Accreditations

What We Do

We deliver risk-stratified, clinically proven programmes of prehabilitation and support for patients on elective care pathways. Our blended approach combines the intelligence of technology with the expertise and empathy of healthcare professionals for efficiency, effectiveness and scale.

Personalisation algorithms

Informed by extensive, clinically-validated research patient optimisation requirements are stratified according to morbidity, treatment, health behaviours and determinants of behaviour change.

Data insights

The ability to track health behaviours, log symptoms and capture PROMs reduces the administrative burden for clinicians, facilitates meaningful interactions and empowers patients to self-manage.

Behaviour change science

Our coaching methodology integrates principles of behaviour change delivering targeted support and maximising adherence.

Our aim is to co-create more efficient clinical pathways for healthcare systems, deliver highly personalised, convenient digital experiences and improve outcomes for patients.

What Makes Us Different

Continuous clinical research is embedded in everything we do. Our person-centered approach is clinically
proven to deliver value for patients, hospital-systems and the environment.


Our research demonstrates:
25% improvement in chemotherapy tolerance, 50% reduction in post-operative complications and 50% improvement in quality of life.

Flexible and

We'll work with you to design, deliver and evaluate a solution specific to your requirements. We will also provide opportunities for joint research, education, and service development.

Accessible and

An easy-to-navigate interface has been co-designed with users. For those without access to smart technology a non-app pathway is available.


We are committed to the NHS net-zero agenda. Our remote technology and monitoring platform is estimated to reduce patient travel.

We're Proud To Make A Difference
"Thanks to your help I am in very good shape which means I seem to be a good prospect for further treatment. I have really appreciated having you in my corner over the past few months."

Stomach cancer patient

"You helped me achieve my goal within weeks. I’ve a more constructive strategy to manage my side effects and have almost completely resumed to my normal daily routine."

Colon cancer patient 

"Over many years, I’ve consistently been blown away by how much of a difference this programme makes to our patients. Being able to deliver remotely through this digital platform allows people to incorporate it into their lives and allows a greater number to benefit from it."

Helgi Johannsson, Consultant anaesthetist

Our Team

We’re an ambitious team of experienced healthcare professionals, researchers and technologists. We enjoy challenging assumptions and take a collective, data-driven approach to reduce health inequalities, improve access to prehabilitation and improve quality of life.

Work With Us

We are a team of healthcare professionals, researchers, technologists who are passionate about improving health and optimising outcomes through data. We are always on the lookout for outstanding individuals from diverse backgrounds to join our team.


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